{ What’s life without a little tea & loaf }


Hello My lovers of scones,

I hope the day fares you all well. Although I had some bad days last week (as we all know) this week was simply pure joy. Not only was it my birthday week (because you need a whole week to celebrate, not just one day!) and I was relaxed, happy, content, and surrounded by positive vibes, but I also had a few days to bake up some delicious treats in between!

Picture this: It’s Wednesday. The day before my birthday. I’m craving some cake but I’m unable to rip into the coconut and honeycomb cake I prepared for my birthday… which is tomorrow. What to do? The day is warm, with a nice cool breeze. I need something with tea. Yes, a wholesome, earthy, healthy treat to get me through the day.

I need a date loaf.


I contemplated this entire sequence of thought before 9am. I know, crazy right?! So I got out of bed, went straight to the kitchen and cooked up a very simple, and absolutely delicious, organic date loaf chock full of wholesome seeds and nuts. At that very moment I didn’t need my sugary, buttercream filled, birthday cake. Only this masterpiece alongside some fresh tea and a good book. I know i’ve discussed before (in my post entitles {Lemon & Coconut cake}) the importance of good cake to go with tea. It’s a treat and therefore it should always be amazing.


So as you can imagine, my birthday week could only get better…. and it did! But more on that later! What was especially perfect about this cake is that you only need to dirty two bowls and a hand whisk to make it! I’ve never made such little mess in my kitchen before! The best thing is that you can put ANYTHING you want inside. Walnuts are a good choice for the nuts (although I used almonds as well) and for the seeds… you’re welcome to go bonkers. I also used a seed mix which included chia (i’m obsessed), barley seeds, pipitas, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds. All in all, it was a great experience and will surely become a staple in my household over time.  I just hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.



{ Date, Nut & seed Loaf }

55g (4Tbsp) unsalted butter
225g organic majool dates, chopped and pitted
1 tsp vanilla essence
50g caster sugar
1 tsp baking soda
125ml boiling water
50g mixed nuts
50g mixed seeds
1 egg roughly beaten
225g self-raising flour, sieved

{ Directions }

1. Preheat oven to 160C
2. Place butter, dates, vanilla essence, caster sugar, and baking soda in a large bowl. Pour the boiling water over the contents of the bowl and stir until sugar is dissolved. Set aside to cool for 5 or so minutes.
3. In another bowl combine nuts, seeds and flour. Add flour and seeds into wet mixture along with the beaten egg. Mix well together.
4. Pour the mixture into a lined loaf/bread tin and cook for 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours depending on your oven.  skewer should come out clean once done.
5. Leave the loaf in the tin for 10–15 minutes before turning out and removing paper. Let the loaf completely cool or wait until loaf is still a little warm. Cut and serve with a sprinkling of icing sugar or cream.

Read, drink tea, and enjoy the day!


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