{ Blueberry Lovin’ }


Hello dear friends,

Apologies for not blogging for some time. I recently completed my Masters thesis, graduated, and went on a beautiful holiday with my lovely husband. All in all, life has been good… who am I kidding it’s been AMAZING! We had a whirlwind adventure in the America wilderness, then through the deserts of Utah and Arizona, topped of with a two week stay with my lovely in-laws in the beautiful Okanagan (in Canada). It was a good break from life and reality if biting hard again and yet the experiences we’ve had are still staying with us, for example I’m no longer effected by sheer hatred and road rage when driving. America taught me that everyone is trying to get somewhere in life and unfortunetly sharing the journey, or the roads that they happen on, is mandatory. Good food for thought there people!

So here I am taking on  a new “zen” approach in my life.


I have to say that the highlight for me… and you’re going to think I’m crazy… was the sheer amount of blueberries one can purchase in America and Canada. Packets the size of your head! and I’m not over exaggerating! It’s safe to say that my blueberry consumption reached maximum level and I thank the universe that my husband make me feel beautiful even when my lips were blue and my clothes were stained with blueberry juice. He’s a keeper!

Although blueberries tend to cost an arm and a leg here in Australia, I always try my damn hardest to buy some whenever I can. They’re choc-full of antioxidants and all that healthy gewy stuff that just makes you feel light and fluffy. During my weekly trip to the local farmers markets this morning I bargained my little heart out and bought two small packets. As soon as I arrived home we whipped up a batch of Blueberry and Banana smoothy. Geez was it good!

I thought I would start the blog with something easy and wholesome. I mean, who doesn’t like a good smoothy!? Crazy people, that’s who. The recipe is easy to change or add to – essentially you can put whatever you want in the smoothy as long as you try and pair the flavors right. Blueberry and banana goes particularly well together I think.


{ Blueberry/Banana Smoothy }

1 Small Punnet of Blueberries

1 Large Banana

1 Single serve Tub of Vanilla Yoghurt

1 Cup of Milk

2 Small Scoops of Vanilla Ice-Cream (any type)

1 Tbsp of Chia Seeds

{ Directions }

1. Add all ingredients in blender and mix until desired consistency is reached.

2. Enjoy 🙂


Since it is now spring here in sunny Queensland I’ll leave you with this – Be happy, be kind, and if all else fails start a nut farm.

Sandy xo


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